Helpful Links


CTRL+Paint: Digital Painting 101 -- the basics


How to Digital Paint -- more specific, concepts and techniques


40+ Fascinating Digital Painting Tutorials -- special techniques


Blue Lightning TV  --  PhotoShop techniques and tricks


Artists working in Digital Paint:

(just a small sample)

David Hockney


Walt Curlee 


Jorge Columbo 


Jeremy Sutton 


Equipment / Software:

A computer with lots of processing speed, graphics capabilities and storage space and / or an iPad.

Wacom Tablet Intuos4 or Bamboo, Intuit4 Art Pen (includes some software- Elements, Painter, etc.)


Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements --

Corel Painter --

Art Studio for iPad --



What is this site about?

I have been a painter and a photographer for 40 years, but I just started doing digital painting. The purpose of this site is to share with you my experiences as I learn to do this process. I will talk about the techniques, the software and equipment, the downfalls and the easy things. I'll share with you my experiences in the process of learning to create digital paintings.

















What is digital painting?

Digital painting is a new art form that uses traditional painting techniques to create art work on a computer. Traditional painting uses physical paints and mediums applied by real brushes; digital painting uses a computer, a tablet and stylus and software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter. Unlike traditional painting, digital painting is not linear. It uses layers that can be created and altered independently, and, in addition, the artist can “undo” and “redo” strokes.

Digital painting is not like other computer art as it does not use computer generated rendering. Instead, the artist directly uses software tools that mimic painting tools and techniques and a palette of millions of colors. (from Wikipedia)


More info can be found on the internet. Try Youtube and Google searches for ʻdigital paintingʼ with added terms like portrait, landscape, fine art, techniques, tutorials


























What is the process of digital painting?


There are many different ways to approach a digital painting. Some of the choices involve equipment and others are procedural.

You can use the mouse on your desktop or laptop to control the brushes, or you can connect a tablet to your computer and use a stylus. This may seem awkward at first as you will need to look at the screen not the mouse or stylus. If you would like a unified approach, then you can use an iPad which allows you to touch the screen and see the painting develop under your fingers or stylus.

Once your software is opened, you may choose to work on a blank canvas and paint from your imagination or surroundings. Or you can use a photograph loaded on one layer as a reference and develop your painting from it on separate layers. When you are finished painting, you can either eliminate the photo layer or merge it into the final work. Any of these is a good place to start. There are more complex methods that you may wish to try later.